Our Kamloops boat is named after that great stillwater region in the interior of British Columbia, known for producing exceptionally strong and acrobatic rainbow trout deserving of their own name and that have the reputation of preferring aquatic insects for their main diet, much to the pleasure of fly fishers.


Package details

This 9’ pontoon boat sits low in the water, allowing the use of fins when trolling and oars when the fish are rising on the shoal at the other side of the lake, providing a lower profile against the wind. Built using galvanized steel material, the frame has a 6 inch drop from top to bottom and the total width is 48 inches. This boat has the features you need without the extra weight you don’t need. This boat is designed for still waters but is built tough enough to handle rivers too, providing a great multi-use package for a great price. 

In 2017 we re-designed the Kamloops frame with a standard top double rail and a vertical side rail. These features increase the strength of an already tough boat and allows the pontoons to be strapped easier to the frame. 


standard package ($1450)

Our Kamloops pontoon boat package includes:

  • 9 foot pontoons

  • Galvanized frame 

  • Fixed-position, adjustable tractor seat 

  • Honeycomb rear deck 

  • Cataract Mini Mag oars, oar locks, rope-wrap, and stops

  • Anchor system with jamb cleat

  • Straps


5 year warranty on the pontoons, lifetime warranty on the frame, repair kit, and foot pump. Contact us about custom designs, upgrades or accessories. 

Standard Kamloops package with double top rail, vertical side rail, foot pegs, and removable rear deck.

Standard Kamloops package with double top rail, vertical side rail, foot pegs, and removable rear deck.

kamloops specs:

Overall Length (ft): 9'
Total Width (in): 48"
Tube Diameter (in): 16"
Total Boat Weight: 65 lbs (depending on options)

Package Price: $1450

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