The smallest and lightest of our raft fleet, the inflatable part of this package was designed and built for us by Jack's Plastic Welding. Coupled with our custom-designed frame that provides more security and comfort when rowing down the river in lesser brands that have glue-on oar patches, this boat is designed without a floor so you can take full advantage of using fins for controlling speed and direction when floating down the river or bobbing along a lake. 


Boat details

This made-in-American boat package weighs in at less than 45 pounds but still provides ample flotation for any angler and gear that can be stowed on the rear deck with an overall length of 9 feet. But don't forget stillwater either as it performs flawlessly in lakes with a low profile heel bar to rest your feet when using the oars. Ask about our other options like the Freestone Deluxe or the Freestone Breakdown.


standard package ($1,550)

Our Freestone pontoon boat package includes:

  • 9 foot overall length

  • Galvanized frame 

  • Fixed-position, adjustable tractor seat

  • Floorless raft design allows oars or fins

  • Rear deck and adjustable heel bar

  • Cataract oars, oar locks, rope-wrap, and stops

  • Options include a rear anchor system


10 year warranty on the raft, lifetime warranty on the frame, repair kit, and storage bag. Contact us about upgrading to Cataract oars or other upgrades and accessories. 

 Freestone package with deluxe frame option and rod holders.

Freestone package with deluxe frame option and rod holders.

freestone specs:

Overall Length (ft): 9'
Total Width (in): 48"
Tube Diameter (in): 14"
Total Boat Weight: 45 lbs (depending on options)

Package Price: $1550

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