Catchercraft Boats

It has been said that no one boat can do it all. While we agree with that statement, at Catchercraft Boats, we offer numerous different fishing packages to help you get the best boat that will suit your fishing and boating needs. Below is a description of the boats we offer. Keep in mind, we also offer custom frame bending and welding so if you don’t see what you need, chances are, we can build it. Contact us for more information on custom work, more details on any of our packages, if you have questions, or simply want to talk a little fishing. 

About Maxxon Products

The 9’ pontoons come with a single air chamber while the pontoons ranging from 10-16 feet and self bailing rafts have two (or more) air chambers. All Maxxon inflatables are made using radio frequency technology to weld seams together 1100 denier PVC. Top and bottom chaffing pads for extra protection in high-wear areas come standard, making the wear points 3300 denier thickness. We generally have blue and grey in stock but with advance notice, there are number of other color options available. Maxxon has been around in the industry long enough to manufacture a good product at a good price. They have also made improvements over the years by updating to Leafield valves, adding handles to rafts, and modifying the D-ring location to make best use of our frames. Built to our specs, a Maxxon inflatable is warrantied against manufacturer defects for 5 years so be confident with their products.

About Jack's Plastic Products

We use these US-made pontoons with our All-American model and Freestone models, along with some other custom-sized pontoons. These pontoons are made from PVC and are actually welded using radio frequency technology rather than being glued. They come with a very nice repair kit, storage bag, and quality Leafield valves. You will be proud rowing this boat down the river, knowing that every component on board is manufactured with pride in the USA and come with a full 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects. They are also lighter and more "rollable" for storage without the extra layers of PVC chaffing pads and the extra bulk of an additional air chamber.

About Catchercraft Frames

Ken Rambow has been making production type and custom frames for many years. He guarantees his workmanship for the lifetime of the boat to the original owner. He is the reason for Catchercraft Boats has become successful and is willing to go the extra mile to please his customers. He hand makes every frame from scratch, once the order is received. There is nothing "Big Box", pre-assembled about his operation.

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