Custom Boats

If you are looking for a raft or pontoon package from another reputable whitewater raft or pontoon manufacture, please contact us and to discuss your options. We have built custom frames for NRS, Saturn, Maxxon, Aire, Outcast, Rocky Mountain Rafts and more. Just bring your used raft or drop ship your new raft to our North Bend, WA fabrication shop and we'll build you a custom frame that fits your raft exactly and to your specifications. 


Check out our custom boats below

Photos-Miscellaneous Photos of Custom Boat Builds. If you can think it, chances are Ken can build it.

13' Custom Self Bailing Raft

This custom raft with a 1 1/2” all-welded frame with front and rear lean bars, a pulley anchor system, and three seats (but can modified to allow for more passengers if needed using a built-in cooler for a seat). Got lots of family or friends coming over and you need to entertain them? Then take the frame out and put the removable thwarts in…you have a perfect boat for a whitewater rafting trip. Talk about versatility! As stated, no boat can do everything but this Custom Self Bailing Package comes pretty close.

14' Custom Self - Bailing Raft

The custom raft with a 1 1/2” all-welded frame, front and back lean bars, seats for three or more anglers, and a pulley anchor system. And if your skilled enough (or just plain lucky), there is enough room for a bag limit of hatchery Chinook for you and your fishing partners.

Kenai Custom Pontoon

Our custom built 16’ pontoon boat that can haul up to 5 people and enough gear for a week. We know this boat is not for everyone. But it’s available for that certain someone out there who truly needs something different.


Russ takes our new All-American out for a test row on its maiden voyage.


1-Salt Steelhead with Optional Jump Seat. We recommend 12 foot pontoons for the second person on the jump seat.



A Custom-Built Kamloops Frame on 10 foot Maxxon Pontoons, complete with trolling motor and battery console.



A Custom-Built 1-Salt Steelhead Frame Modified for a U-Boat.