We have had a lot of interest from anglers around the globe since introducing this model in 2014. Don't let the diminutive size fool you into thinking this is a toy; quite the contrary. At 9 feet long and beefy tube diameter, this self-bailing raft can haul over 1,000 pounds and can be designed for one or two people.


Raft details

Complete with rowing frame, anchor system, and quality oars, this is a great boat for chasing coastal cutthroat trout or anything else that swims in freshwater. But it's lightweight and portable enough to load by yourself in the back of a truck, weighing around 100 pounds fully outfitted. With a width of 48 inches, this boat was designed to be able to fit on top of the wheel wells in a full size truck fully inflated. This is a great feature as it eliminates the need for a trailer.

Continuing thru 2018, all Maxxon self-bailing rafts will feature a drop-stitch floor, allowing increased air pressure into the floor and potentially eliminating the need for additional flooring for standing and fishing. 


standard package ($2500)

Our SRC self bailing raft package includes:

  • 9 foot overall length

  • Galvanized frame

  • Fixed-position, adjustable tractor seat

  • Drop-stitch floor

  • Cataract Mini Mag oars, oar locks, rope wrap, and stops

  • Options include front bench seat, anchor system, removable floors, rod holders, and more


5 year warranty on the pontoons, lifetime warranty on the frame, repair kit, and foot pump. Contact us about other designs, upgrades and other accessories. 

SRC package shown with drop stitch-floor and optional rear anchor system and rod holders.

SRC package shown with drop stitch-floor and optional rear anchor system and rod holders.

src specs:

Overall Length (ft): 9'
Total Width (in): 60"
Tube Diameter (in): 17"
Total Boat Weight: 100 lbs (depending on options)

Package Price: $2500

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