Specials and Rental Page

Welcome to our new Catchercraft Specials and Hot Buys! We will occasionally post boats here that we are giving special, discount pricing in order to reduce our current stock and make room for new models. These boats have been part of our rental and demo fleet and are still in excellent shape, often only used just a few times, if at all. They all come with full warranties and provide you a chance to get a great boat at a discounted price. These are one each and could go at any time so call or e-mail us with any questions or to get yours shipped or delivered today!

We reducing prices on a limited number of used/demo boats from the 2016 fleet to make room for some 2017 models. Check out the specials we have below. Some are brand new, and some have only been used a couple times at worst, or been outdoor-show models. For the most part, these are one only and once they are gone, we are back to regular pricing.

Kamloops 9' Pontoon Boat


Normally priced at $1250 we have one only available in blue (used) or camouflage (new) pontoons. Includes pontoons, breakdown frame, rear deck, 7' Cataract oars, fold-down, adjustable seat, foot pegs, attached 2-rod holder, anchor system, straps, repair kit, foot and pump. I caught my biggest steelhead ever with this boat last fall, a 41 inch buck! Fishing Mojo included on this used-only-once boat. This is a great multi-purpose boat weighing in at about 55 pounds. Fits in the back of a truck fully assembled or can be deflated to fit in the trunk of the smallest sedan. Sold. Check back soon for other special offers.

New Freestone! This is our first prototype and has been used two times; once in a lake and once in a river. It worked great for both applications.


Normally priced at $1350, this all US-made boat comes with a welded raft and frame, rear deck, heel bar, oars, upgraded seat, straps, foot pump, and repair kit. This boat works great using oars or fins and weighs in at 45 pounds. It also fits in the back of a pickup truck fully assembled or can break down and fit in the trunk of the smallest car. Sold. Check back soon for other special offers.

10' Modified 1-Salt Steelhead


This boat is the best deal of all! Includes 10' camo pontoons, solid frame, fold-down, adjustable seat, standing and rear decks, front anchor system (great for lakes and when motoring up rivers), motor mount, 7' Cataract oars, straps, repair kit, and foot pump. Sold. Check back soon for other special offers.

Raft and Pontoon Boat Rentals

Call or e-mail us to find out which boats we have available. The rates are per day and includes a shuttle if needed. If you need something for the weekend or longer, we'll provide special pricing. See the table below for the specific boat models and rental fee associated with each.

If after renting a boat you decide to purchase one of our products, we will deduct the rental fee off the purchase price.

Boat Model / Rental Fee

Kamloops/Freestone  $75

1-Salt Steelhead/All American  $100

2-Salt Steelhead  $125

SRC/SRB $150



Boat Demo/Test Rowing

If  you are interested in testing a particular boat and/or trying it out prior to a purchase, contact us and  we'll meet you on the Yakima or Snoqualmie river and let you give our boats a test ride and help with the shuttle if possible.