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Hi David,

Been super busy with a new job in Richland but wanted to shoot you an update with the boat. Fished it all winter on the Sandy and Lewis rivers and it was simply awesome. The raised seat keeps me dry yet still plenty stable for a little whitewater action. Did a few early trips to the Eastside lakes and looking forward to more this summer. Thanks for a great boat.
— Chad K.


Just wanted to say thanks again for the new boat and for delivering it to Utah. This last weekend I took it down the Green River through Greys Canyon (6 mile float with class 2+ rapids). Absolute joy to row and zero issues in the whitewater. Much better than I expected. I’m looking forward to many more trips in the future with it.
— James Kaysville, Utah

Hi David,

I had a chance to use my boat at a lake last week; it is an awesome ride. Every thing performed as I thought it would, the 1-Salt Steelhead is second to none.

I do not understand why any one would waste their money on any thing else, when they can buy a boat to last a life time.

Thanks again for delivering my boat to Skagit County. I will certainly recommend your products to any one who asks.

Oh I forgot the fishing was excellent.

— KELLY British Columbia


The pontoon boat has been awesome. I’ve made a few customizations for me personally. The 1- Salt has performed fantastically, beyond my best expectations, and I can’t wait to get out on it again. I’m planning another trip to the coast in late March for some big natives. Please feel free to use anything I’ve written on your site and don’t worry about the $ some new jigs for the Methow on me. I got my money’s worth and then some.
— Russ Winthrop, WA

Catchercraft Boats are rugged, well built, extremely stable, and a perfect fit for the technical salmon and steelhead waters of the Pacific Northwest. The available options of custom built and configured frames and accessories allow serious anglers to personalize boats for specific applications and needs.”
— Eric Martin, Gear Editor, Salmon & Steelhead Journal


First off I wanted to thank you for answering my copious amounts of emails and the dumb questions which were contained in them. You and Ken run a top notch gig and you should be extremely proud of it. Never once did I feel as if you were giving me the cold shoulder for sending so many emails and you always had time to speak on the phone. Little or big, that’s what keeps companies afloat!

The set up was an absolute BREEZE with everything marked. I was actually very, very impressed at the simplicity of the boat.

I was amazed how little water this boats drafted and how EASY it was to maneuver and paddle. Along our 8 mile drift, we encountered over a dozen sets of CLASS III and CLASS IV rapids. With our gear positioned just right and the modules positioned perfectly on the ‘toons, going through these rapids was a breeze. Never once did I feel unsafe. With a few flicks of the oars, the boat quietly meandered down through the knarliest set of rapids and feathered out beautifully at the end where we would anchor to fish the tail out or bend of a nice pool. Anchoring in even moderate water was not a problem. Due to the deluxe anchor system, the boat never swayed and kept us right in the money spot!

We did carry A LOT of gear as we had a little BBQ halfway through the float. A grill, drinks, fishing gear, boxes etc.were stacked onto the boat. The payload on this boat is incredible and it handled the weight JUST fine! I was throughly impressed!!!

Throughout the journey downstream, other fishermen and even guides could not believe how “sexy” this boat was and how well it rowed. If I had a nickel for every time I heard “NICE BOAT DUDE!” or “WOW THAT BOAT IS HOT!” I wold be rich.

Dave, this boat is truly one of a kind and I cannot wait to get more time on the water with it! Due to the positioning of the seats and the 9” drop down, winter steelhead fishing will be very enjoyable due to not being so close tot he water like many other companies out there who build boats.
— Chris Takacs, Massachusetts

Catchercraft Boats,

I must say the frame, welds and floors are extremely strong, it supported my 273 lb brother-in-law! There is no doubt this boat can handle a large person. I’m very satisfied with the quality of my frame.

Thank you for meeting me and delivering my frame to Spokane. You went out of your way to save me shipping charges by driving to Spokane at your own time and expense without any additional charge to me.

— Fred, Montana

Ian Courter, Fisheries Scientist with Cramer Fish Sciences uses his raft for both work and pleasure. The picture below reflects a nice steelhead while doing the latter (fishing and not working).

Hey David,

Just wanted to let you that the boat worked out great. The boat rowed great in the water and was very stable when standing to cast. I ended up getting a couple Coho and one monster Chum after a late start; I attached a couple pictures of the maiden voyage. Thanks again for everything, please tell Ken I love the boat and it is now my favorite thing.
— John Buck, Graham, WA


I recently took my new Catchercraft pontoon boat on a 48 mile, four day steelheading float and couldn’t be happier with the way the boat performed. I had more than enough room for all my supplies, camping equipment and fishing gear. The boat handled very well and is durable enough to take on any water that I will ever encounter. I also appreciate the top notch customer service which made me comfortable with the whole buying experience.
— Thanks, Patrick

“I couldn’t be happier with my overall experience with Catchercraft. From the very beginning, both David and Ken provided outstanding service and really demonstrated a high level of care in meeting my needs in building a custom frame for my raft. Guiding both winter and fall steelhead in Washington demands a good boat with a solid frame. Many of our high-gradient rivers require quick, hard oar strokes and sudden directional changes to keep the anglers in the zone. I worked with David and Ken for several weeks on a plan to develop what I felt would be the perfect frame for this environment. In the end, the two nailed it; completely surpassing my expectations. My frame is balanced well, fits me perfectly, and I’ve had more anglers than I can count tell me they’d rather fish out of my raft than any hardboat. Value, service, and quality of the end product all make Catchercraft the best, and I’m happy to recommend their products to anyone. A big thank you to David and Ken”.

Nate McDonough guides the dry-side rivers from September-November and coastal rivers on the Olympic Peninsula from January-April. Book a trip with Nate through Anglers Obsession or Brazda’s Fly Fishing”
— Nate McDonough

Hi David,
My father and I both love our boats. They are very nimble and can maneuver well through the tight technical sections but are also extremely stable. I was surprised how easily my boat handled the whitewater sections.

Please let Ken know that I really appreciate all of the custom work on my frame. Your customer service has been great and I would strongly recommend a Catchercraft boats to anyone in the market for a serious river worthy boat.

I have attached a couple pictures from our float. Please feel free to use any that you would like.

Thanks again for all of your help,
— Matt

Hey David and the Guys- Thanks again for building a great boat! Until I get out West again in the summer, I’ll run it on the tailwaters of S.E. Tennessee-it is a perfect match, from the shallow shoals to the class 3 stair-steps these rivers are about...The tinkering and add-ons you can do with your design remind me of how we would customize our old Chevys back in the day! New Guys: Take a screwdriver with you on the river the first couple of times to adjust the oar stops, you WILL need it!

Thanks again guys
— Dan K., Ohio


I am thoroughly pleased with my pontoon boat and have used it on many rivers and lakes throughout Alaska. The design makes it easy for one person to set up, break down, and transport as well as adds versatility to carrying lots of gear or going lightweight. I also appreciate your commitment to customer satisfaction and support, you put a lot of time and effort into answering all my questions and ensuring I got a product that truly met my needs and on top of it all, got it built and shipped to Alaska prior to the start of our fishing season.
— Thanks and Tight Lines, Shane, AK

“I purchased a new Catchercraft raft this summer. It is all I hoped for, easy rowing, roomy, and the fishing platforms are very well designed. I would recommend this raft to anyone interested in a white water capable raft that fishes as well as a drift boat. For my “home” river, the Methow, it is perfect!
— Rick Todd