This is the ultimate personal fishing craft and the most popular boat of our fleet. The term Oncorhynchus mykiss is the scientific name for our favorite freshwater sport fish the steelhead. 1-salt refers to a steelhead that spends one year growing in the ocean before returning to freshwater to spawn (hopefully not before being caught and released a few times first). 


Package details

This particular boat has one seat…1-salt = 1 seat. Get it? Regardless of the name, this boat is designed to get you safely and comfortably down any river, and provides the weight capacity for any sized angler and gear for a week. This boat comes standard with a 50 inch wide frame for really tight, small rivers. If desired, the width can be increased by 10 inches for additional stability and comfort. If you are looking for the best 1-person boat available for your fishing needs, look no further than a 1-Salt Steelhead.


standard package ($2100)

Our 1-Salt Steelhead pontoon boat package includes:

  • 10 foot pontoons

  • Galvanized frame 

  • Fixed-position, adjustable tractor seat 

  • 2 Non-skid Honeycomb floors

  • Cataract Mini mag oars, oar locks, rope wrap, and stops

  • Anchor system including Leelock unit

  • Straps


5 year warranty on the pontoons, lifetime warranty on the frame, repair kit, and foot pump. Contact us about different designs, other upgrades or  accessories. 

1-Salt Steelhead package ready to be put to use.

1-Salt Steelhead package ready to be put to use.

1-Salt specs:

Overall Length (ft): 10'
total Width (in): 62" or 72"
tube diameter (in): 19"
Total Boat Weight: 100 lbs.

Package Price: $2100

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