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Welcome to Catchercraft Boats…your home for inflatable pontoon boats and self bailing rafts designed for fishing and whitewater use. Here you will find enthusiastic sport fishers with a passion for designing and welding fishing and whitewater frames for inflatable rafts and pontoons. We take pride in being honest and providing you with a high quality product that will be serviceable for years, perhaps decades. So check out our product descriptions and photos and contact us for more information by phone or e-mail at any time.

We primarily use Maxxon Inflatable rafts and pontoons because of their longevity, durability, and reasonable price but do use other products as well. All Maxxon products we carry come with a 5 year warranty against manufacture defects. We also do custom frames that can be matched up with any other inflatable raft or pontoon maker out there.

Maxxon listened to our suggestions and starting in 2011, the self-bailing rafts now feature Leafield valves, come stock with two handles on each side for ease of transport, and relocated the D-rings for better positioning. Our Coho and Chinook raft frames feature Leelock anchoring components and quality Ronstan pulleys.


Here is another point on boat quality. If you are looking to spend a few hundred dollars on an inexpensive, inferior boat that you can buy at a big box store that will be outdated, discontinued, or worn out in a few years, we are not the company for you. However, if you are looking for a quality fishing boat with stand-up platforms, quality anchor systems, a frame design that has been used for over a decade, pontoons that have been going strong in the commercial industry for many years, and are wanting a boat you can count on season after season, year after year, then we strongly suggest to you check the competition, their prices, their customer service and then compare it to Catchercraft.

You can buy a boat built for everyone or you can get a genuine Catchercraft Boat custom-built just for you...for the same price or even less than the rest!

About Us

The Catchercraft Business Philosophy

Catchercraft Boats is committed to providing you the best available products to suit your fishing and boating needs. We don’t want to sell thousands of boats. We want to sell YOU a boat that you can enjoy for years, decades or even a lifetime. We promise to listen and respect you and we won’t try and sell you something you don’t want or need. We are not the biggest inflatable boat dealer on the market. Frankly, we don’t want to be. What we do want is to provide the best customer service in the inflatable boat business. When you contact us you will be communicating directly with one of the owners. We know fishing, we know inflatable boats, and we know frame building. And we promise to share our knowledge with you, our customers, to help you select the best boat for you.

Profile:  Ken Rambow


Hi, my name is Ken Rambow and I have been welding for over 40 years and fishing for over the past 5 decades. I estimate to have built over a thousand pontoon boat frames over the past 15 years for many guides and outfitters who needed custom work for their guiding operations that was not commercially available. I also built the "Steelheader" series frames for Skookum Products until recently when I decided to go into business for myself to ensure that the level of quality and customer service I have worked so hard to achieve over the years remained the same or even improved. 

I don’t get to fish as much as I like but I do treat myself to a trip to Alaska to fish the Kenai River as an annual family fishing trip. I’m proud to see that pontoon frames I built 15 years ago for fishing lodges are still in operation after many seasons of heavy duty commercial use. I won’t build and sell an inferior pontoon or raft frame.

Ken Rambow with a nice hatchery summer steelhead.


Profile: David Duvall


Hi, my name is David Duvall and I’m a fishing nut as my family and friends will tell you. Since walking the creeks looking for salmon as a kid in Washington state, I knew early on I wanted to work in and around fish. From working in the productive waters of Alaska on a seine boat to graduating from the University of Washington School of Fisheries, my life has centered around fish and fishing. I have worked as a fisheries biologist for the last decade, working on hatcheries and habitat issues in the upper Columbia River. More recently, I returned to graduate school at Central Washington University and completed a masters degree in…you guessed it…natural resource management where I researched the behavior of fall Chinook salmon in the Hanford Reach. Since 2005, I have been a staff member of the Worley Bugger Fly Co., a full service fly shop and guide service specializing in trout fishing on theYakima River and steelhead on other rivers. Since my first solo float down the Methow River on a borrowed boat, I knew I needed a personal fishing craft, a pontoon boat of my own. Ken Rambow knows most everything about making all-welded fishing frames (and he’s only been fishing for 50 years) and I knew a little about fish, fishing and the fishing industry….the perfect match to put our respective skills together and form company that will give you the very best in customer service and performance. 

David Duvall posing his first northern BC steelhead.

NEW!!! Check out our new single person, floorless raft, allowing you to use fins or oars while floating down your favorite river or lake!

Also check out our new, available on a limited basis, camouflage pontoon boats and 9 foot self bailing one or two person rafts.